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Chi Link Massage and Beauty Centre

Chi Link Massage and Beauty Centre

Trading Hours:

Monday to Saturday

9am - 6pm (Chi Link accept pre-bookings between 6am-9am & 6pm-9pm)


10am - 5pm


Contact Number:

Ph: (07) 3114 1212





Opposite Transit Tavern 

Skygate Centre


Chi Link offers a truly unique experience where you can expect only the best service. Specialising in ancient and contemporary inspired treatments combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to promote inner peace, Chi Link takes the customer on a journey of good health and wellness.


Chi Link is a holistic natural therapy health centre specialising in a variety of alternative medicines. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of service, as well as to help maintain our customers’ health and well-being.


Providing an extensive range of specialised Massage techniques, TCM, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and, in selected stores, a range of Beauty treatments, our services are able to bring you relaxation, energy and assist your body in improving its physical and psychological power. Indeed, Chi Link offers a comprehensive selection of treatments and is a ‘one-stop-haven’ to relax, calm, heal, stimulate and improve the mood culminating in a ‘Zen’ experience for the entire body and soul.


With outstanding professional services provided by our dedicated and hard-working practitioners and therapists, Chi Link is well-prepared to provide you with the best service and experience for you.